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Tweed Heads Meth Lab Suspected of Being in Operation Was Deconstructed

Meth lab in an old house
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An alleged meth lab was found near Tweed Heads this morning, and specialised police teams together with NSW Fire and Rescue have been working to dismantle it, according to the police. According to statements made by Detective Chief Inspector Dave Silversides on Friday, a search warrant was executed by the police at around 8:00 am on Thursday at an address that has not been disclosed, following which a crime scene was roped off at the location.

According to reports, individuals living in the surrounding area were forced to leave their homes and evacuated “for a couple of hours” as NSW Fire and Rescue investigated the suspicious properties to guarantee the public’s safety. Chief Inspector Silversides said that the search was carried out as a consequence of an investigation that was carried out jointly by the Tweed Byron police department and the state’s narcotics and guns specialist police team. According to the head of the local police department, authorities are planning to charge that the home was being used to produce illegal substances like methylamphetamine.

A guy in his thirties was taken into jail after being apprehended, and he was scheduled to appear in Tweed Heads Local Court later on today. At the same time, members of the state police’s clandestine laboratory squad were hard at work this morning destroying the suspected meth lab. Chief Inspector Silversides said that the same police enquiry had resulted in the issuance of a second search warrant at a different property in Tweed Heads later on Thursday. It was stated that people living at that home were assisting law enforcement with their investigations, but as of Friday lunchtime, no charges were filed in connection with the incident.


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