Qualified Professionals

Qualified & accredited consultants in Hazardous Materials and Methamphetamine Contamination

Melissa Gilbert

qualified hazardous materials consultants

Principal Environmental Consultant

BENSC. EHA, Associate Member of AIOH and EIANZ

Enviro Force Pty Ltd is headed up by Principle Environmental Consultant, Melissa Gilbert.

Melissa studied at the University of New England, Graduating with a Bachelor of Environmental Science and majoring in Restoration and Remediation. In addition to this she is currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Health Practice.

As an Associate Member of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) Melissa keeps up to date with industry news and latest developments.

With a passion for Restoration & Remediation, Melissa has dedicated the past 12 months to becoming an expert in the field of testing properties for Methamphetamine Residue. Working directly in line with Dr Jackie Wrights Code of Practice and the 2011 Government Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines. Melissa has personally tested many properties for Methamphetamine and is one of the most experienced hygienists in the field of Methamphetamine contamination. Enviro Force prides itself on offering best industry knowledge, and when it comes to Methamphetamine contamination Melissa is the go-to professional.

Melissa’s research has found that many hygienist practices and methods are designed for general contaminates and specific industry knowledge is required when dealing with Methamphetamines. As such, Melissa offers specialist training to Hygienists to educate them with the research that has been carried out around testing for Methamphetamine. In addition to this Melissa has also designed an accessible Methamphetamine Awareness Course for Property Management, Loss Adjusters and Insurance companies.

Melissa has also kept up-to-date with environmental Covid-19 contamination. Since the Covid-19 crisis Melissa has utilized her training to understand and keep Enviro Force on the cutting edge of Environmental Hygiene practices.

With Public Health at the core of her interests, Melissa has also undergone further training specifically in the Field of Asbestos and is a qualified Asbestos Assessor. This experience Allows Enviro Force to be the leader in the big 3 environmental hazards (Meth, Asbestos, Covid-19).

In her free time, Melissa is a passionate archer, (Enviro Force call her the Robin Hood of environmental hygiene.) Melissa also enjoys being with nature and exploring her environment through bushwalking and taking care of her family and friends.