EnviroForce becomes the first NATA accredited Meth Sampling company in Australia.

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How to manage asbestos in a workplace in Australia

Enviro Force Pty Ltd is an Environmental Consultancy firm verified by the National Association for Methamphetamine Contamination. EnviroForce specialises in two main fields, Asbestos Assessment and Meth (Methamphetamine) Residue Testing. EnviroForce is an independent testing service provider for meth (methylamphetamine), crystal ice, asbestos, and other illicit drugs.

EnviroForce Consultants hold a tertiary qualification with membership with the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Health Australia organization. Our consultants engage a Laboratory that is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) in accordance with the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025. EnviroForce offers several specialised services in the Methamphetamine contamination field.

Property Risk Inspection

Property owners, Managers and Employers are faced with a diverse range of obligations relating to the design, operation and maintenance of the building or property. EnviroForce has developed this service to help Property Owner / Managing Property agents to assist in compliance with Workplace Health & Safety legislation. Qualified and experienced Environmental, Health and Safety Consultant can conduct a property risk inspection onsite, establish improvement programs in order to manage the risk of exposure for tenants, workers and visitors to the property. The report will provide an overview of compliance with relevant legislation, code of practices and Australian Standards.

EnviroForce Courses

Asbestos Fibres testing Australia
Asbestos Fibres testing Australia

This course is specifically designed for the Investment Property Industry. Focusing on training Property Managers, outlining preventative measures to protect the Landlord, Tennant, and the Agency itself. Covering all aspects of the problem, this course advises on the do’s and don’ts if meth contamination is suspected.

The methamphetamine was concealed inside 4WD winch kits

Enviro Force offers the highest degree of Meth contamination training from a qualified hygienist. A certification to state that the trainer is compliant with NIOSH 9111 sampling methods is issued on successful completion of this course. This certificate is held in high regard as you will be trained by a professional methamphetamine hygienist.

EnviroForce also offers Asbestos Sampling and Technician Introductory Training courses

The methamphetamine was concealed inside 4WD winch kits

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Testing for Methamphetamine:

Instant Home Meth testing kits can be purchased online through our shop page, these indicative tests can be carried out by tenants, landlords, property managers. It is recommended that this is done between all tenancies to protect all parties involved. These are also becoming standard when carrying out Building & Pest Inspections. At a cost of around $30, it is a cost-effective way to provide some understanding of meth contaminants in a property.

Laboratory Composite Testing is carried out by an EnviroForce Hygiene Technicians where it is suspected there may be residue present, this will return a theoretical average result. If there is the possibility of an area testing above the safety guidelines, then these can be re-run individually.

Detailed Assessment: A Detailed Assessment is methamphetamine samples taken individually. This is the highest degree of accuracy for methamphetamine sampling. A Detailed Assessment can also be done as a re-run of any original Laboratory Composite samples. Running these samples individually will give an and a result for each area tested. From this, any further remediation action can be planned.

Validation Testing: This is a Detailed Assessment perform post the remediation of a property. Following Remediation works, Validation testing is required to ensure the decontamination of the property is successful. Once the property tests within safe guidelines it will then be safe for inhabitation, trades, tenants etc.

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