Asbestos Air MonitoringAsbestos air monitoring is a legal requirement for all friable asbestos removals and should also be used for some bonded asbestos removals.

Asbestos Air Monitoring Australia

What is asbestos air monitoring?

Asbestos air monitoring measures the number of asbestos fibres in the air that are considered respirable, or breathable. Air monitoring is usually carried out during or following asbestos removal, or as an air quality check. Asbestos air monitoring should be carried out by a licenced practitioner such as EnviroForce.

The types of air monitoring include Control Air Monitoring for measuring the effectiveness of management measures in place during the removal process. Clearance Air Monitoring is carried out in previously affected areas the following removal to prove the levels are now safe. Personal Exposure Monitoring

When is this required?
  • When friable asbestos is being removed from a property.
  • When removing any Asbestos from indoors.
  • When the removal of Asbestos may have an impact on others.

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