Used Cars Are Most Likely to contain Meth Residue As meth labs have become small and mobile.

From Sydney to Perth, we hear a lot about people being caught making meth in cars. Meth labs have been found in cars in Australia. In a place as contained as a car it would seem like residue would deposit in greater quantities. Meth residue could be present in the ventilation system as well as on seats, head liners, steering wheel and other surfaces. It would likely be present in places where a person may touch after handling meth.

Most home meth manufacturers in Australia make small batches of the drug for their own use. in Australia It’s common to find meth labs in cars. All of these cars are not busted and remediated or destroyed. On top of this there are probably many times the number of cars that have had meth smoked in them.

You can test a car before you buy using a simple, DIY Meth Testing Kit. Samples are taken by rubbing a special collection paper on various spots inside the car. You can buy the meth testing kit in Australia from EnviroForce online shop. Or you can call us from anywhere in Australia and get your cat tested for Meth contamination.

If you are a car dealer or a perspective car buyer you can contact us today and get your car tested for any meth residue from anywhere in Australia. We provide our car meth testing services in New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland,South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Australian Capital Territory. We also offer a bulk car meth testing services for car dealers.



Are you Buying or Selling a used car?

According to reports, In Australia People who smoke meth are likely to do so in their cars. So Get your car tested for meth contamination and get a detailed report. This will not only increase the chances of getting the car sold but also increase its value.

Car Meth Testing Australia

Used Vehicle Meth Testing Services in Australia

We provide our services across Australia. If you are buying a used car it is very likely that someone has used it to transport or smoke meth. We will test the car before you buy for any meth contamination and provide you with a detailed report

Meth detection services for car dealers

Meth Detection Services for Car Dealers in Australia

If you are a car dealer in Australia than you might want to get each and every vehicle you purchase, tested for Meth contamination. If your cars have a negative meth contamination report they are more likely to attract more car buyers.

Meth Contaminated Car can be Dangerous for your health