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There has been an increase in the number of people in Brisbane using the drug Methamphetamine commonly known as speed, meth, crystal, crystal meth, glass, shards, ice, and tic. Data from the most recent AIHW survey shows that, nearly 1.3% of the Australian population had used meth in 2019. There have been increases in Brisbane for meth related calls to telephone helplines, drug treatment episodes and hospital admissions.

Meth is usually colourless and odourless. Meth contamination is a very real issue for people in Brisbane who are selling, renting or buying properties and can cost thousands of dollars to remediate. Heavy meth use accounts for majority of contamination issues along with meth labs which are still being detected. A regular meth test is the best solution. If your porprty is Meth Contaminated in Brisbane it can be difficult to seek help but, in most cases, the sooner you reach out for support, the better.

EnviroForce is providing Meth Testing service in Brisbane, Australia. Enviroforce fulfil the need for sellers, buyers, tenants and landlords in Brisbane who need to know if a property is meth contaminated. You can contact us to get your property tested for Meth residue from any where in Brisbane.

Why Choose Enviroforce?

At EnviroForce, our primary focus is sampling properties for methamphetamine, so we can provide an unbiased assessment of your property. The samples are taken correctly according to industry code of practice & analysis is conducted using an NATA accredited laboratory which enables you to have confidence in the results.

rental properties meth testing
rental properties meth testing

We recommend regular meth residue testing for rental properties in Brisbane. Not only does it ensure early detection, when remediation is less likely to be expensive, it also hinder tenants from using or making meth on your property.

Meth Detection Testing Between Tenants

There have been many cases in Brisbane where tenants have sued landlords, because health problems led to discovery of meth residue in the homes they were renting. Screening for meth residue between tenancies ensures a home that is fit for living purpose.

Meth Detection Testing Between Tenants
Pre Meth Testing before Purchasing Properties
Pre Meth Testing before Purchasing Properties

Are you adding to your rental property portfolio or buying a home in Brisbane to live in? A pre-purchase meth residue screening can help to ensure you're not buying a house or apartment with an invisible problem.

Pre Sales Meth Screening For Properties

If you are selling a property in a suburb, town or rural area in Brisbane that is known for meth use or manufacturing, being able to advertise that your property is free of meth residue is an advantage.

Pre Sales Meth Screening For Properties

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Meth Lab Testing in Brisbane | Meth Residue Sampling in Brisbane

We offer Meth testing Services across Brisbane and its surrounding areas. You can contact us and get your homes tested for any Methamphetamine residue from any suburb in Brisbane. Our Brisbane meth test is available 24/7. This method of meth testing involves taking multiple surface samples from a property that are sent to an independent laboratory for analysis. We also offer home meth test kits in Brisbane. With Meth Detection testing technicians located throughout Brisbane, EnviroForce are able to respond to your request quickly and effectively. Down below is the list of Top 10 suburbs in Brisbane where property managers, landlords, families and tenants are using our meth testing services.

We've developed a High Quality System for testing properties that are meth contaminated in Australia. Call now to book a meth test in Brisbane

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EnviroForce is NAMC verified testing company and only provides drug testing and management solutions. We do not provide any kind of decontamination, remediation or cleaning services.

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