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Meth Detection testing manages the risks

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How Meth Detection testing protects property & health

The problem of meth manufacturing and use in Australia is a real issue. As well as destroying lives, it is devaluing homes. The best way for property owners to protect themselves from liability and financial loss is through meth residue testing conducted by a credible organisation.

How EnviroForce Manages Risk and Adds Value

Regular Meth dectection Testing for Rental Properties

We recommend regular meth residue testing for rental properties. Not only does it ensure early detection, when remediation is less likely to be expensive, it also deters tenants from using or making meth on your property.

Meth Detection Testing between Tenants

There have been cases recently where tenants have sued landlords, because health problems led to discovery of meth residue in the homes they were renting. Screening for meth residue between tenancies ensures you are living up to your responsibility to provide a home that is fit for purpose.

Pre-Purchase Meth Testing

Are you adding to your rental property portfolio or buying a home to live in? A pre-purchase meth residue screening can help to ensure you're not buying a house or apartment with an invisible problem.

Pre-Sales Meth Testing

If you are selling a property in a suburb, town or rural area that is known for meth use or manufacturing, being able to advertise that your property is free of meth residue is an advantage.

When you own or are looking to buy residential property, knowledge is power. Building inspections can provide important information about the structural integrity and condition of a property, but they can't detect meth residue. While a DIY meth residue test kit can give you an indication, only professional meth residue testing provides the detailed information you need.