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Asbestos fibers are very small. Once they get into the air, they can be circulated throughout the whole house and can be airborne for some time. Asbestos fibers can lead to serious health problems that may even be fatal, including asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. If an object or surface is suspected to contain Asbestos, the surface should be tested first for safety purposes. Professional testing involves testing of asbestos in a certified lab.

EnviroForce provides industry-leading asbestos testing and inspection services across Australia. Our team of highly qualified and certified personnel combined with our firm dedication to health & safety and utilizing the latest technology, make us the trusted choice for dealing with all types of commercial and residential environmental projects.

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EnviroForce is an asbestos licensed contractor Serving Across Australia, for the Services of.

Asbestos Surveys

The Asbestos Survey requires sampling all asbestos suspect materials (flooring, tiles, plaster, caulks, insulation, glues, compounds, etc.) which would be disturbed during construction project/demolition.

Asbestos Consultation

Our company is capable of solving your most complex asbestos management issues by providing the solutions you deserve. Our team provides prompt assistance with investigation and evaluations with a sound proactive approach.

Asbestos Air testing

Air sampling and analysis are critical in determining exposure to airborne asbestos fibers. The collection of reliable data requires a thorough knowledge of the techniques and equipment used in air sampling.

Asbestos Testing Across Australia

We provide asbestos testing services across Australia. Although there are some home asbestos testing kits are available in the market, but we suggest you hire a professional asbestos testing expert as handling asbestos needs a lot of care. Asbestos testing needs precision and accuracy and this can only be achieved if some professional is handling the testing situation. Two out of three homes in Australia built between World War II and the early 1980s still contain asbestos.

Asbestos particles are too small and if those particles are fumed into the air while testing this can be lethal and can cause lung cancer. That's why we provide affordable asbestos testing solutions for all our clients across Australia. If you need asbestos inspection services in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, the Jervis Bay Territory, and the Northern Territory then you can contact us anytime. We have our regional offices located across Australia, which will ensure a fast and quick response to all your testing and inspection queries.

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If you think you have asbestos in Your House we can test it for you. Our team of professionals works closely with Business Owners, Property Managers, Engineers and Architects, Maintenance Personnel, and Representatives for many properties. such as Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Professional Office Buildings, Restaurants, State and Federal Buildings, Schools and Facilities, Multi-Family Dwellings, Residential, and Other properties and facilities.

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