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methamphetamine residue testing services

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NIOSH Method 9111 Compliant

All our methamphetamine residue testing is performed in accordance with NIOSH Method 9111. Our reports are regularly used by Real Estate Agencies, Insurance Companies, Property Management Firms, Financial Institutions and other professional entities.

Laboratory Composite

Screening Assessment


Laboratory Composites are when multiple 100cm² swab samples are taken within a property but they are all kept, and sent to the laboratory, individually for analysis. The laboratory will take an extraction from each test tube and combine them into a single analysis. The result is an accumulative total of all test tubes and also shows the combined result which can potentially be detected on a single swab sample or spread throughout all the samples.

The samples are all kept separate, if contamination is found they can be re-analysed individually at the laboratory which will then ascertain which sampling location holds the contamination.- Re-analysis is an additional cost per test tube

Detailed Assessment


A Detailed Assessment is a room-by-room or area-by-area type of methamphetamine residue testing testing that provides individual analysis per sample. This type of testing is required when a "Screening Assessment" has exceeded 0.5μg - the maximum acceptable level of methamphetamine as set out by the Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation guidelines. Each sample is harvested using the NIOSH 9111 method of a methanol soaked gauze sampling an area of 100cm². Samples of each room/area is required to give you a complete overview of the property. This analysis is used by decontamination companies to create a scope of work to bring the property back to habitable levels and for anyone wanting to accurately understand where the contamination is located as the entire property might not be affected therefore only a limited amount of remediation is required.

Detailed Composite Assessment


The objective with this screening is to take a minimum of 3 and up to 5 samples per room on different surfaces. The samples then get analysed together to provide an accumulate total of Methamphetamine for the room.
This ensures that the reside that is distributed throughout the room does not get overlooked or if fresh painting has occurred that the samples taken will be from not only the painted gyprock but also non painted surfaces and air extraction points.
It's extremely thorough as so many surfaces in the room have been tested and combined.


The total areas sampled will provide a very balanced understanding of the contamination that is present within the room.


The analysis cost per room is higher and also the amount of samples taken is 3,4 times more so the labour cost for the technican is higher.

If you're not sure which type of methamphetamine residue testing would be best for your situation, ask us for advice. We can make a recommendation based on whether the chances of finding meth residue are high, medium or low, based on what you know about the properties history.