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EnviroForce is a certified Melbourne meth testing service provider equipped with qualified professionals offering unmatched services. With a wide range of resources and tools, we conduct meth testing and meth cleaning of doubtful areas. Our meth test kits provide immediate results and are suitable for testing the rental properties you believe have been used to produce illicit products like Meth. Walls, bathroom ventilators, kitchen ceilings, and surfaces that may have been affected by chemical residues can be checked using our meth testing service. We provide meth testing solutions across whole Melbourne.

EnviroForce Meth testing in Melbourne is a licensed environmental consultant. We provide exceptional support and will surely respond to your meth testing needs. We also provide emergency meth testing services in Melbourne, Australia. We are proud to be comprehensive and we also deliver timely results after we test your property for meth in Melbourne. So call us today and hire our meth test in Melbourne.

Why Choose Enviroforce?

Our Meth Testing technicians in Melbourne are highly qualified, enabling us to provide the skills and experience necessary to perform superior Meth testing services across Australia. Our technicians have conducted numerous Meth assessment projects in Melbourne, victoria for private residences, commercial businesses, and local government agencies.

rental properties meth testing
rental properties meth testing

We advise regular meth residue testing for rental properties in Melbourne. Not only does it ensure early detection, while remediation is much less possibly to be costly, it also restricts tenants from using or making meth on your property.

Meth Detection Testing Between Tenants

There are many stories in Melbourne where tenants had sued the homeowners because health problems led to the discovery of meth residue inside the houses within Melbourne whcih they had been renting. Testing for meth residue between tenancies ensures healthy residency for your tenants.

Meth Detection Testing Between Tenants
Pre Meth Testing before Purchasing Properties
Pre Meth Testing before Purchasing Properties

Are you a realtor in Melbourne? A pre-meth residue testing can help you make sure that you're no longer buying or renting a house with any meth contamination. Also it helps you get the house sold more quickly.

Pre Sales Meth Screening For Properties

In case you are planning to sell a property anywhere in Melbourne, We suggest you to get the property tested for Meth and attach the Meth residue negative report with it as their are number of suburbs in Melbourne where meth contamination has been found recently

Pre Sales Meth Screening For Properties

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The best thing before purchasing a property in Melbourne is to get it tested for Meth?

Many of the assets classified as former meth labs are located by means other than law enforcement. In response to occupants' health concerns, details from neighbors in Melbourne about a former tenant or as part of a real estate transaction, Meth residue is frequently found during a property assessment. Home inspectors in Melbourne make the first independent review of a home's condition prior to a sale. Meth testing is becoming increasingly common in Melbourne, Victoria as the number of infected properties increases, and homebuyers' knowledge develops. You need to arrange meth testing of your property because exposure to meth in Australia has become a serious issue.

Down below is the list of Top 10 suburbs in Melbourne where property managers, landlords, families, and tenants are using our meth testing services.

Our highly professional team is located in Melbourne which can assist you with Meth testing services and provide you with Meth testing kits as well. Call now to book a meth test from anywhere in Melbourne

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EnviroForce is NAMC verified testing company and only provides drug testing and management solutions. We do not provide any kind of decontamination, remediation or cleaning services.

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