Check if There Is Any Meth Lab Near You

This meth lab interactive map will help you identify the areas in Australia where meth labs have been found in the past. To keep the map up to date, we update its data gradually. This map is useful for all the property owners and anyone who is looking to move and rent into any specific area in Australia. If you suspect that there is any meth lab near your area we suggest you call 1300 37 37 85 and book a meth residue test from anywhere in Australia. We can send our local meth testing team and test for any meth contamination in your area.

This is an interactive heat map displaying the historical data and distribution of meth laboratories and positive meth test cases across the major towns and suburbs of Australia. This dynamic tool unveils the regions, suburbs, and areas with the highest occurrences of positive meth tests. Dive into the map and explore specific regions to access detailed statistics. Simply zoom in on the map to analyse the data and gain insights into the prevalence of meth-positive tests in various locations across the country.

Disclaimer: Please note that the presence of a location on the map does not necessarily confirm the current existence of a meth lab or meth house. The historical data on the map is sourced from NAMC-verified meth testing and cleaning companies, which have reported positive findings in these areas in the past. To maintain the map’s accuracy, we continuously update the data. The information provided on this map is sourced from available data, and we are proud to be one of the leading meth testing companies in Australia contributing to its accuracy.

Last Updated: 26/02/2024

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EnviroForce is NAMC verified testing company and only provides drug testing and management solutions. We do not provide any kind of decontamination, remediation or cleaning services.

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