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Meth Test Prices

Meth Residue Test Prices

Meth Testing Prices

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How much does it cost to test meth? How long does it take to test meth? How much a meth test kit cost? Do you have these type of questions in your mind? All the information about the pricing and costing related to meth testing is mentioned on this page. You can go through the page and see the cost of testing Methamphetamine. The testing service is provided in all parts of Australia.

Laboratory Composite

Screening Assessment Meth Residue Test

$ 300

inc gst. 1-3 BEDROOMS

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$ 400

inc gst. 4-6 BEDROOMS

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$ 500

inc gst. 7-9 BEDROOMS

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$ 110

inc gst.

Price Per Sample


$ 150

inc gst.

Price Per Sample

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