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We Offer Meth Testing in Perth To Keep You & Your Family Safe

As a leading company for meth testing in Perth, our professionals are devoted to shielding people and property from the grave consequences of the use of methamphetamine. Our staff is educated, knowledgeable, and works with total confidentiality, EnviroForce meth testing techniques meet and exceed the highest industry standards. EnviroForce will help you get absolute peace of mind by taking a sample from various areas in your home and testing them for signs of methamphetamine while buying or renting out a house in Perth. A report will be released, showing the level of contamination varying from meth-free to high-level meth-contamination. It is also possible to include recommendations linked to the results.

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Why Should You Arrange A Meth Test for Your Property?

According to the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, Australia has the most significant number of meth addicts per capita in the English-speaking world. The number of Australians using this illicit drug has tripled over the past five years, especially in Perth. It tells us that when buying or renting a house in Perth, you should be more vigilant. There should be competent assistance to ensure the safety of your families and loved ones. For anyone who is exposed to it, living in a meth-contaminated home will pose serious health risks. Fortunately, EnviroForce offers a home meth residue testing service to ensure that you and your property occupants live in a safe setting.

Regular Meth Detection Services for Rental Properties in Australia

Regular Meth Detection Services for Rental Properties in Perth

We recommend regular meth residue testing for rental properties in Perth. Not only does it ensure early detection, when remediation is less likely to be expensive, it also hinder tenants from using or making meth on your property.


Meth Detection Testing Between Tenants in Australia

Meth Detection Testing Between Tenants in Perth

There have been many cases in Perth where tenants have sued landlords, because health problems led to discovery of meth residue in the homes they were renting. Screening for meth residue between tenancies ensures a home that is fit for living purpose.


Pre Meth Testing before Purchasing Properties in Australia

Pre Meth Testing before Purchasing Properties in Perth

Are you adding to your rental property portfolio or buying a home in Perth to live in? A pre-purchase meth residue screening can help to ensure you're not buying a house or apartment with an invisible problem.

Pre Sales Meth Screening For Properties In Australia

Pre Sales Meth Screening for Properties in Perth

If you are selling a property in a suburb, town, or rural area in Perth that is known for meth use or manufacturing, being able to advertise that your property is free of meth residue is an advantage.

Meth Lab Testing in Perth WA | Meth Residue Sampling in Perth, Australia

On property for methamphetamine exposure, EnviroForce provides a field sample examination. Usually, we will take a range of samples around the property, which will then be submitted for processing to a laboratory. Our home meth testing service is carried out and checked in an Australian-based laboratory using the NIOSH process 9111 (meth on wipes by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry). Results are returned promptly and with accuracy, in which if contamination is found, we provide a thorough review and advice. So, if you are looking for a meth test in Perth, don't hesitate to call us!

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Meth Contamination In Perth Can Be A Health Hazard

We've developed an exceptional system for testing Methamphetamine Residue Properties. Call now to book a meth test in Perth.