EnviroForce is committed to revolutionizing safety and security within the transportation industry through its specialized illicit drug sampling services. With our unparalleled expertise and dedication to excellence, we empower transportation companies to protect their assets, passengers, and reputation from the harmful effects of illicit drugs. Contact us today to learn more about how EnviroForce can safeguard your transportation operations.

Comprehensive Coverage

In the dynamic landscape of modern transportation, ensuring safety and security takes precedence. EnviroForce stands out as the premier provider of comprehensive illicit drug sampling services, catering to a wide array of vehicles. From the immense cargo ships traversing vast oceans to the opulent private jets catering to discerning clientele, our expertise spans the entire spectrum. We recognize the pivotal role of maintaining a drug-free environment – it not only safeguards the welfare of your crew and passengers but also bolsters the security of your entire enterprise. Through the deployment of advanced sampling methodologies and stringent protocols, EnviroForce empowers you to establish a transportation network devoid of illicit substances. Count on us as your trusted ally in fostering a safe and secure journey for all those on board.

At EnviroForce, our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere service provision – it embodies a dedication to safeguarding lives and livelihoods within the transportation industry. With our unparalleled expertise and unwavering focus on quality, we offer peace of mind in an increasingly complex world. Join us in forging a future where safety and security reign supreme, and let EnviroForce be your partner in ensuring smooth sailing and seamless travels for years to come.

Tailored Sampling Techniques

EnviroForce employs state-of-the-art surface sampling techniques to detect even the slightest traces of illicit drugs within transportation environments. Our meticulous approach, combined with advanced equipment and stringent protocols, guarantees accurate and reliable results, providing clients with unparalleled peace of mind.

  • Swab testing for commonly touched surfaces

  • Air quality testing for airborne contaminants

Encompassing All Threats: Our Illicit Drug Detection Capabilities

Our drug sampling services are designed to detect a wide range of illicit substances commonly associated with abuse and illegal trafficking. This comprehensive list includes stimulants like methamphetamine, amphetamine, ephedrine, and pseudoephedrine, along with precursor chemicals used in their production (P2P and PAA).

We also screen for party drugs like MDMA and MDP2P, as well as essential oils sometimes diverted for illicit purposes (safrole and piperonal). Additionally, our services encompass commonly encountered narcotics like cocaine and the highly potent synthetic opioid, fentanyl. By targeting this broad spectrum of substances, EnviroForce equips you with the knowledge necessary to effectively combat the presence of illicit drugs within your transportation network.

EnviroForce offers the transportation industry's most comprehensive and effective illicit drug sampling service. Beyond mere identification of drug residue, we empower you to protect your transportation craft from the outset. Our meticulous sampling procedures proactively detect drug contamination, equipping you with valuable insights to implement preventative measures against smuggling and drug use. This proactive approach not only safeguards the safety of your crew and passengers but also minimizes the risk of illicit activities onboard your vessels. EnviroForce's commitment to compliance ensures that your sampling procedures adhere to all relevant regulations, shielding you from potential legal and ethical consequences. This comprehensive approach fosters an environment of complete security and peace of mind for everyone involved, from craft owners and operators to crew members and passengers. Trust EnviroForce to establish a transportation network free from the dangers of illicit substances, guaranteeing a safe and secure journey for all onboard.

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Tailored Sampling Techniques for Illicit Drug Testing

EnviroForce recognizes that each transportation sector presents unique challenges and vulnerabilities when it comes to illicit drugs. To address these concerns effectively, we tailor our illicit drug sampling services to match the specific needs of each vessel. Here's how we safeguard your transportation vessels.

  • Private Jets

    Privacy and discretion are paramount for private jet owners and operators. EnviroForce utilizes unobtrusive yet highly effective surface sampling procedures to provide peace of mind, guaranteeing your aircraft remains free from illicit substances.

  • Yachts

    Luxury yachts deserve equally luxurious security measures. EnviroForce's targeted sampling methods go beyond common areas, meticulously checking hidden compartments and secluded spaces to identify and eliminate any potential presence of illicit drugs.

  • Cruise Ships

    Thousands of passengers and crew members call cruise ships home for days at a time. EnviroForce meticulously samples surfaces throughout the vessel, from cabins and common areas to food service locations and entertainment venues, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone on board.

  • Cargo Ships

    The global trade relies on the integrity of cargo ships. EnviroForce employs advanced surface sampling techniques to detect any traces of illicit drugs that could contaminate shipments or pose a threat to crew safety.

  • Passenger Ships

    Passenger ships prioritize the comfort and well-being of their guests. EnviroForce's discreet and efficient sampling procedures cover cabins, public areas, and essential facilities, creating a secure and relaxing travel experience for all passengers.

  • Bulk Carriers

    The immense size and cargo capacity of bulk carriers necessitate a comprehensive approach. EnviroForce strategically samples critical areas, including loading zones, crew quarters, and machinery spaces, safeguarding the vessel from the dangers of drug trafficking and ensuring the safety of the crew.

  • Executive Airliners

    Executive airliners transport high-profile individuals who deserve the highest standards of safety and security. EnviroForce implements specialized surface sampling protocols to ensure these executive airliners remain free from illicit substances, guaranteeing a secure and private travel experience for executives and VIPs.

Do you oversee a fleet of transportation vehicles such as Uber, limousines, or ride-hailing vehicles?

EnviroForce understands the unique challenges of managing a fleet of rental vehicles, where frequent use and unknown users present potential risks. Whether you operate a fleet of Uber cars, limousines, or other ride-hailing vehicles, prioritizing the safety and security of both your passengers and drivers is crucial. EnviroForce understands the unique challenges of managing a fleet of rental vehicles, where frequent use and unknown users present potential risks. Therefore, We offer customized illicit drug sampling solutions tailored specifically to the needs of the rental vehicle industry. Our comprehensive services leverage a variety of effective sampling techniques to detect drug residue, ensuring a drug-free environment within your fleet. Furthermore, we can seamlessly integrate these services into your existing rental procedures, minimizing disruption to your operations. Contact EnviroForce today to learn how our expertise empowers you to uphold the highest safety standards within your rental fleet.

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EnviroForce is NAMC verified testing company and only provides drug testing and management solutions. We do not provide any kind of decontamination, remediation or cleaning services.

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