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We've Developed High Quality Systems For Meth Residue Testing Properties

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EnviroForce's systems, partners, and people are of the highest quality

EnviroForce has a focus on providing quality customer-orientated services throughout Australia. Quality in the technicians we hire, the companies we collaborate with, and the systems we adopt are absolutely vital in sustaining our position as Australia's premium service provider for drug testing properties.

What Makes Us Different?

Training & Assessment

Technicians trained and assessed by an independent training organisation that specialises in meth contamination and drug testing rental properties

Quality Assurance

Regular auditing of technician reports for quality assurance

Accredited Laboratory

Partnering with nationwide NATA laboratory, accredited for drug testing properties and the analysis of methamphetamine

Specialised Software

Use of specialised software developed for the meth testing industry ensuring robust and customer-friendly reporting

Drug testing properties is not complicated if you have leading experts and software managing the process along the way, as repetition of a process creates extremely accurate and consistent results.

With the leadership team that we have, we take pride in providing results that other service providers cannot achieve, based purely on our approach to the sampling of the built environment for methamphetamine.

Our assessments will not only highlight the present health risk, but also the very real commercial risk faced by landlords, property managers, banks and insurers.