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Meth Screening for Airbnb Rooms and Hotels in Australia

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Airbnb is widely used for homestays for vacation rentals and tourism activities all across Australia. But who knows if any of the guests had previously smoked Meth in that Airbnb room which you'll be using to stay. So beware of staying in any Airbnb and ask the host to provide you with a negative testing report for Meth contamination. EnviroForce offers quick meth testing solutions for all the Airbnb properties in Australia. If you are planning to stay in an Airbnb while visiting Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or Canberra you must ask the host first to provide you with a meth testing result for the room you're planning to book. This way you'll be assured that the property you are going to use is Meth Free and good for your friends and families health.

We receive a number of reports where we see that the property used by Airbnb guests got a positive result for Meth contamination. So it is essential for you to ask the host to get the property tested and screened for meth contamination before your stay. If your host is not providing you with the test results you can also do it yourself by ordering a DIY Meth Testing kit in a very short period of time. With the meth testing kits, you can test any hard surface inside the Airbnb room and our meth testing kits will detect the presence of meth. Our kits can detect meth contamination caused by guests smoking meth in nay Airbnb room.

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Are you an Airbnb host?

If you're an Airbnb host or planning to be an Airbnb host you should call us today and signup for a regular subscription for your property to be tested for meth contamination after each and every stay.

Regular Meth Testing Service for Airbnb
Regular Meth Testing Service for Airbnb

We offer personalized packages for meth testing services to all the Airbnb hosts. Our packages are fully designed to cater for the needs of Airbnb owners and hosts. You can get your Airbnb property tested for any meth contamination after each stay. You can share your staying schedule with us and our team will be regularly testing your Airbnb property or hotel for you and we'll also regularly share the detailed testing report with you so you will remain on the top of everything.

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If you are an Airbnb Host in Australia then you might want to get each and every of your property get tested for Meth contamination. If your property has a negative meth contamination report they are more likely to attract more guests and visitors. This way your revenue will also be increased. The testing result can be used by you to attract more Airbnb guests and stays at your property. We offer our meth testing services in all the states, cities, areas and suburbs of Australia. Call us today and speak to one of our representatives.

meth testing for airbnb hotels

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