EnviroForce becomes the first NATA accredited Meth Sampling company in Australia.

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EnviroForce Becomes Australia’s 1st NATA Accredited Meth Sampling Company

NATA Verified meth testing in Australia
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EnviroForce is the first company in Australia to receive NATA accreditation for the sampling of meth residue. Because of this, EnviroFoce is now the sole NATA-accredited service for Environmental sampling for drugs of abuse such as methamphetamine. EnviroForce is also a NAMC-verified testing company.

NATA Meth Testing

Smoking meth is a major issue in Australia. Methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant of the nervous system. Its physical and physiological effects are offset by the highly toxic effects on the body and escalating costs to society. Hospital records indicate that rates of regular and dependent methamphetamine use have increased. Additionally, the number of people who regularly use methamphetamines who report using crystal methamphetamine (‘ice’) as their main form of methamphetamine has increased from 22 to 50% between 2010 and 2019. Another study by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows that people who used meth continued to use them more frequently. Stories about ‘backyard’ methamphetamine labs regularly appear in the media, presenting a hypothetical suburban nightmare: you’re living next door to a drug house. Or even worse: your home is a former ice lab. These stories increase anxieties about homes where methamphetamine-related activity may have occurred. A residential property could be exposed to methamphetamine by people who use, or manufacture, the drug there. The residue left after methamphetamine manufacture is enough to be a health risk.

When it is known or suspected that property was used for methamphetamine production, it is necessary to conduct testing to determine whether or not it is contaminated with meth. EnviroForce offers the most comprehensive solution for testing for meth in Australia. Since the testing of homes in Australia for methamphetamine is our primary mission here at EnviroForce, the evaluation of your property that we provide will be completely objective. The samples have been collected effectively in accordance with the standard practices of the industry. Because EnviroForce is a NATA-accredited Meth Testing company, you are able to put your faith in the outcomes of the tests. The following is a list of some of the solutions that EnviroForce offers all across Australia in order to fulfil the needs of each specific person.

  • NATA-accredited Meth Sampling Services for Rental Properties
  • NATA-accredited Meth Residue examination Between Tenants
  • NATA-accredited Pre Meth Screening before buying properties
  • NATA-accredited Pre Sales Meth Sampling for Properties


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