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Lead is a poisonous and hazardous metal. Prolonged exposure can result in significant brain damage. It is especially dangerous for youngsters under the age of six. Prior to 1978, lead was a prevalent component in paint and plumbing. Find out whether your house has any lead risks. If you own your house, you should contact a qualified lead inspector in Brisbane. If you rent your home, ask your landlord if it has been examined, or if you have a kid under the age of six, call us and request an emergency lead paint testing and inspection.

EnviroForce specializes in lead paint inspections throughout Australia. We provide affordable lead paint inspection services to both residential and commercial customers. EnviroForce Testing inspectors in Brisbane are Queensland State certified, fully trained and fully insured. Our lead testing reports are compliant with AS ISO/IEC 17025, which shows that our labs operate competently, and are able to generate valid results.

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EnviroForce employs cutting-edge XRF lead detection technology. In Australia, XRF technology is the most accurate lead detection technique available. It is non-invasive and detects lead in a matter of seconds, even beneath many layers of paint. The XRF gadget is entirely safe and does not utilise any chemicals.

Lead Paint Testing Australia

Full Lead Paint Testing for Properties in Brisbane

EnviroForce offers full lead-based paint initial testing services in Brisbane. The inspection is a thorough examination of the lead content of all painted surfaces inside and outside the residence.



Lead Paint Re-occupancy Inspections in Brisbane

This type of inspection is designed for the landlords and tenants who are occupying a property in Brisbane for the first time. Some homes in Brisbane have lead presence and can cause health issues.


Certified Risk Assessment for Lead Paint in Brisbane

We offer to examine properties in Brisbane and its suburbs for any lead paint contamination. The risk assessment is also offered for the properties found with lead contamination.

Lead Test For Rental Properties in Australia

Pre Sales Lead Screening for Properties in Brisbane

If you are selling a property in a suburb, town or rural area in Brisbane that is built in the late 90's we suggest doing a lead paint test and make sure that there is no presence of lead contamination in the property.

Property Owners' Potential Liabilities

In Queensland, new legislation was established in 1923 to limit the quantity of lead used in the manufacture of paint. Owners may be held responsible for breaches as well as all damages resulting from failure to comply with the Lead Law. When a kid is poisoned by lead, the losses may include compensatory damages such as medical expenditures, special education fees, and lost wages for the child's lifetime. Punitive damages of three times the compensatory damages may be given when the owner was aware of the lead risks but failed to address them.

Lead Paint Testing in Brisbane | Lead Residue Inspection in Brisbane

Because the majority of Brisbane's dwellings were constructed before 1978, lead paint testing is critical. The most prevalent cause of lead poisoning is deteriorating lead paint surfaces and lead dust. The older a structure, the more probable it has lead paint. Lead paint is found in 90% of pre-1940 buildings. Lead is present in 80 percent of pre-1960 buildings and 62 percent of pre-1978 structures.

Down below is the list of Top 10 suburbs in Brisbane where property managers, landlords, families and tenants are using our lead paint testing services.

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  4. Lead Paint test in Ipswich
  5. Lead Paint test in Salisbury
  6. Lead Paint test in Indooroopilly
  7. Lead Paint test in Fortitude Valley
  8. Lead Paint test in Oxley
  9. Lead Paint test in Belmount
  10. Lead Paint test in Archerfield

Lead Paint Can lead to Severe Health Complications

We've developed a High-Quality System for testing properties that are lead-contaminated in Brisbane. Call now to book a lead paint test in Brisbane